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Family owned and operated since 1932, Terrazzo & Stone Supply Co. provides the highest quality natural stone and concrete hardscape products at very competitive prices. With a commitment to customer service, industry knowledge, and timely deliveries, we strive for your satisfaction in every aspect of our business

This website portrays many of the popular products and services we offer, but is not comprehensive. For detailed information and pricing, please visit one of our stores or contact us by phone or email.

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The other stone supply would not have delivery until Wednesday the 29th and our patio was finished yesterday [the 22nd] with your superb customer service.
Thank you for the wonderful service and prompt delivery. The patio is beautiful. Terrazzo & Stone is just the best!
Phil & Darlene
We're thrilled with every aspect of our purchase.  I highly recommend these folks.
The 6 ton of rock I ordered arrived in neatly wrapped bundles...The delivery driver went out of his way to make sure he placed the pallets in such a way that I  could still park my car in my driveway.
I contacted several stone supply places and even a few quarries and no one could help me. I had all but given up. But my path crossed with John at Terrazzo & Stone Supply and he knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it for me.
The radius of the backsplash position of the sink and faucet was placed right where I wanted it. The top is as smooth as glass and the men were professional.
Wonderful selection on both interior & exterior natural stone and concrete products! They also are super knowledgeable, with fantastic prices!
Crocodile Rocks
I have bought stone from these guys on a few occasions.  They are really knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful. 
Greg, Seattle